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Please post the following application in a comment to this post, with your desired character name in the subject line. Comments will be screened.

Notes on the application:
Be detailed! You can never include too much information.
Be concise. Don't say the same thing over and over with pretty wording to make your application look longer.
Ask questions! You can email with any questions.
Applications will be approved or denied within one week. Notes on characters may or may not be given.

Your Name:
Personal Journal (link please):

Character Details
Your Character Name:
Your Character Journal:

Describe your character's passion (their main life goal, and driving motivating force):

Describe your character's foible (a major character flaw that keeps them from achieving their passion):

Describe your character's physical attributes:

List your character's hockey strengths and personal strengths:

List your character's hockey weaknesses and personal weaknesses:

List your characters hobbies (outside of hockey):

Give fifteen keywords (positive or negative) to describe your character:

Write a sample RP of exactly 100 words:

Describe your character's family & family history:

Describe your character's background:

Your Past RPG Experience (with detailed explanations and links whenever possible):
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