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Detroit Red Wings 2007 Play-off RPG's Journal
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Thursday, April 12th, 2007
12:05 pm
Morning Skates
This is the post for Morning Skates. First post in thread will be started by the coach.
5:58 am
Game Opening!
Good (early) Morning everyone!

I haven't forgotten about this place, thought it seems as if I had. I'm still here and excited to play!

Since we haven't had everyone submit an app yet, and since we haven't had the OMGRUSHTOJOIN I was thinking we might get, I don't want you to worry about submitting your apps. Let's just start playing and if someone's REALLY awful at role-playing, I'll let you know. Keep in mind that DOING an app will help you tremendously with your characterizations, and is more for your benefit than mine.

In the meantime, please join this community with the journal you created for your character.

Morning skate will be posted later today.

If you'd like, feel free to post car-pooling in posts. If your character wants to car-pool with either Samuelsson or Filppula, let me know!
Monday, March 12th, 2007
11:07 pm
Please post the following application in a comment to this post, with your desired character name in the subject line. Comments will be screened.

Notes on the application:
Be detailed! You can never include too much information.
Be concise. Don't say the same thing over and over with pretty wording to make your application look longer.
Ask questions! You can email sweetwingsfan25@gmail.com with any questions.
Applications will be approved or denied within one week. Notes on characters may or may not be given.

Your Name:
Personal Journal (link please):

Character Details
Your Character Name:
Your Character Journal:

Describe your character's passion (their main life goal, and driving motivating force):

Describe your character's foible (a major character flaw that keeps them from achieving their passion):

Describe your character's physical attributes:

List your character's hockey strengths and personal strengths:

List your character's hockey weaknesses and personal weaknesses:

List your characters hobbies (outside of hockey):

Give fifteen keywords (positive or negative) to describe your character:

Write a sample RP of exactly 100 words:

Describe your character's family & family history:

Describe your character's background:

Your Past RPG Experience (with detailed explanations and links whenever possible):
10:50 pm
Taken and Available Characters
Available Characters:

Chris Chelios
Brett Lebda
Nicklas Lidstrom
Andreas Lilja
Danny Markov
Mathieu Schneider

Todd Bertuzzi
Darryl Bootland
Kyle Calder
Dan Cleary
Pavel Datsyuk
Kris Draper
Matt Ellis
Johann Franzen
Tomas Holmstrom
Jiri Hudler
Tomas Kopecky
Robert Lang
Josh Langfeld
Kirk Maltby
Henrik Zetterberg

Dom Hasek

Todd McLellan
Paul MacLean
Ken Holland
Steve Yzerman (Yeah, I know, he's the only one you care about!)

Additional Peripheral Characters to open up once roster slots have been filled.

Taken Characters:

Mike Babcock/mikeybabsgramercy*
Valterri Filppula/just_fil/gramercy*
Mikael Samuelsson/swedishsammy/gramercy*

Characters on HOLD:
Niklas Kronwall/almightychrissy
Chris Osgood/littlestclouds
Brett Lebda/thefivehole
Mathieu Schneider/macaodghain
* mod played

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