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Detroit Red Wings 2007 Play-off RPG
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The purpose of this game is to, in a fan-fiction/role-playing venue, analyze and experience the 2007 NHL playoffs from the Detroit Red Wings’ point-of-view. Of course, it doesn’t ALL have to be technical and accurate. Some of it is going to be fun crack, as well.

This game is being created especially for the 2007 play-offs, however, if there is interest it will continue into summer and next season.

Game play will begin as soon as the play-off seeding has been finalized.

The intention is not only to act out practices and pre and post game reactions, but also to play in parties, shopping trips, random hotel trashing sessions and well, the whole EXPERIENCE. It’s going to be playing-pretend and it’s going to be fun!

We are slash friendly, but same-sex relationships are not the basis of the game. The focus should mostly be on the team dynamics and the events.

Some role-plays will have to take place in real time, but not all. For example, there’ll be morning skate threads that must be completed by the posting of the pre-game threads. And post-game threads must only be played out, well, AFTER the game.


1. Please be courteous out of character. Honestly. It's a role playing game. We're here to have fun.

2. All role-plays MUST take place in the main community.

3. All role-play replies must be date/time stamped in this format: Tuesday, September 12th, early evening (or actual time) in the subject line of the comment.

4. All player written (things outside of games and practices) MUST go in their own entry specify who may join outside of the livejournal cut. If they're open to all characters, you must specify open-ended.

5. All role-play posts MUST be behind a livejournal cut, with the information OUTSIDE the cut.

6. Do not assume another characters reaction, or do not puppet their character. With another players permission, you may write their reaction into the thread. Each player controls his or her own player ONLY. This is IMPORTANT.

7. Your character MUST act in a way that is IN CHARACTER. If you put on your application that your character is shy, they may not suddenly come out of their shell. You were approved to be shy and shy you will be. Please make your character choices very carefully, and keep this in mind. The reason for this rule is that we intend to have a game of diverse and interesting characters. We cannot all go boldly charging off into the sunset, chasing down bad guys, or lighting the locker room on fire.

8. Respect and follow a posting order. Turns may be skipped if people decide OOC to switch things around to get better flow.

9. All OOC posts are to made in the OOC community. No OOC notes may be placed in role-play threads as it looks ugly.

10. In character vs. Out of Character knowledge. Your character may not know things unless:
A. They were there (which means part of the RP post)
B. They were directly told (in game play or via the personal journals)
C. The event was very public and distracting (ie: Coach beat you with a hockey stick at practice)

11. No major incidents without moderator approval. Sara may be reached via email at sweetwingsfan25[at]aol[dot]com and on AIM: sweetwingsfan25

12. Character play-bys/Body Models: Your body model MUST BE a picture of your character/player. You can't suddenly make Maltby look like Brad Pitt, ok?

13. All role-plays must be done in third person novel form and PAST TENSE. Things just get messy when someone says, "Lidstrom walks into the common room" and another says, "Osgood farted, loudly." See the tenses? Just doesn't work.

14. Try to be "canon". If you app Cheli, don't make him a goth-emo cutter. DO make him a shameless promoter of chili bars. Try your best to use your knowledge of the player's personality and background to create a believable portrayal.

15. Some characters will be mod-played. The coaching staff and management will be mod-played.

16. The playoffs will be going on. Watching the playoff games will get you EVERYWHERE with storylines.

17. If you want to app a minor-league player or prospect you may, but they must be affiliated with the Red Wings organization.

18. This RPG is same sex relationship friendly on a PER CHARACTER basis. That is why there is a slot for "sexuality" in the application.

19. You must have a personal journal for your character. In the "user info" you must keep a full profile of your character, including, but certainly not limited to, the fields you filled out on the application. (Well, you need to not put in the things about you, or the sample RP)

20.) Holds. You have 1 week to submit an application after placing a hold on a character. After that time period your character will be open, or you may place an additional hold for another ONE WEEK only. You may not hold a character for more than 2 consecutive weeks.