Sara Queen of Nothing (gramercy) wrote in drw_rpg,
Sara Queen of Nothing

Game Opening!

Good (early) Morning everyone!

I haven't forgotten about this place, thought it seems as if I had. I'm still here and excited to play!

Since we haven't had everyone submit an app yet, and since we haven't had the OMGRUSHTOJOIN I was thinking we might get, I don't want you to worry about submitting your apps. Let's just start playing and if someone's REALLY awful at role-playing, I'll let you know. Keep in mind that DOING an app will help you tremendously with your characterizations, and is more for your benefit than mine.

In the meantime, please join this community with the journal you created for your character.

Morning skate will be posted later today.

If you'd like, feel free to post car-pooling in posts. If your character wants to car-pool with either Samuelsson or Filppula, let me know!
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